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General policy: 
"The Jule Box" (Jules), is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items via USPS. Nor am I responsible for any manufacturer defects of any products listed. Delivery confirmation is included (to protect both parties, paid for by customer), although insurance is not included it is available upon request from buyer for an additional charge to buyer. Please request it during your transaction if not, request must be made directly after placing your order via email. Sales are for U.S. and International buyers. International buyers MUST know that after making your purchase, it will take just a little longer to ship off your package and the cost varies a lot per country. Email me for details. ( Every order will receive a separate invoice that will reflect the shipping and delivery confirmation fees for your package and will be due upon receipt. Reminders are sent every 2-3 days. Your invoice will be sent to the email address connected to your paypal account within 24-48 hours after order is placed..(unless your order is a pre-order, see sale posts for that info and dates) please check the email your order was connected to. 
I do my best to offer the best customer service that I can and will always be determined to go the extra mile as long as I am able. If you have a question, please let me know.
I have the right to refuse service to any party or parties.
Thank you! Have a great day! Jules, 
"The Jule Box Shop" 
 ~~Policy revised on January 1, 2014~~ 

 Breakdown of the above: 

Manufacturer or item defects: 
I am not responsible for defects found on your items, I double check everything, if there is a lace or laces that is tattered or has a hole, I won't sell it to you, I will clear another section that is in better condition so you have the best pieces. If there is a typo on a stamp or in a book or paper pad for example, I am not responsible and you will have to contact that company. Be aware they may not cover you since you purchased from a small retailer. Let them know it was a licensed shop. I do inspect every item as best as I can that comes to my door before I post them for sale but I am human and I do make mistakes. 

Packaging and Misc fees: 
I package everything that leaves my home in a very caring way using bubble wrap, tissue, cardboard for extra stability, plastic bags. I do recycle packaging paper and plastic. Although I pay for envelopes, tissue, bubble wrap, packaging tape, plastic self adhering bags, I do not charge extra for it to regain 100%. I do however have a small misc charge I add to your shipping invoice of $.50 that goes towards the supplies I use in the packaging. I almost always add writing on the package, "Please handle with care" or "Do not Bend!!" Because I want your package to arrive intact and unharmed by the bullies of the postal service! :) 

 I Ship to: 
All U.S. and International customers as long as the shipping cost is paid by you the customer. Shipping times and prices vary for the two. With International customers, I am not responsible if you do not receive your package as most countries do not scan the customs code in. I will enter the customs code # in with the "shipped notification" email I send once I ship your package. Most likely though, you will only be able to track it until it leaves the US, after that, if your country does not scan them in, no one will know where it is until it comes to your door. There is a separate fee for insurance and/or express mail....or anything else other than the shipping and delivery confirmation which is available upon request and paid for by the customer. For US customers, once you've paid for the shipping invoice I will generate a shipping label from Paypal which will automatically email you a shipped notice and tracking # to follow your package. I also use which is a mailing service I use to mail out International first class mail. I will make sure to enter your email address while I generate a shipping label so you can receive a shipped notice by email from
 I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. 

 "Why didn't the shipping fees show up when I checked out?" 
Shipping is separate because I don't have this feature set up on my blog. I do however use shipping charts. All mail is charged by weight so I have a scale and do it all myself. I want to be fare to all my customers. This works better for me and in the end, helps to save you money. I started to find that this process was easier and most importantly, more accurate!! Why would I charge you $10 for a $6 package?? I hate shipping fees and I hate when I want to purchase something online and knowing that what I ordered will fit in a flat rate envelope for $5 and I'm being charged $8 or $9 for it!! Seriously?? So, I figured the best way to make it better all the way around was to make the extra effort for you guys. I look what category your package fits in and the cheapest way to go and bill that to you the customer! That to me is customer service and that's what I do for you! :) 

Shipping fees and processing your order: 
This goes hand in hand with the above info...
All packages will be charged a shipping fee which will be billed/invoiced separately unless otherwise noted. My process is this: I receive an email of your order, I will the majority of the time email you to let you know I received it and then begin to gather everything. Once I package your items, I will weigh the package (using a USPS digital scale) and for accuracy, I estimate the shipping costs going by weight from the usps charts. I add my $.50 fee that I mentioned above and then goes towards the supplies I used to package your goodies) and email you the invoice to cover the package to your email address that is linked to your paypal account. If there is a different email address you would rather I email your invoice to, you must let me know ASAP by either adding that to the note section in the paypal transaction or email me. I do my best to invoice you the most accurate fee using 1st class or priority flat rate mailing. This is my process! New USPS price increases come every January. 

In addition to the "Shipping Fees" When is it due?
Because it's billed out separately and is due upon receipt, I give my customers time to pay that, and I understand that sometimes people have more than 1 email and don't check it all the time, which is their responsibility, however, I've come across an issue where I haven't gotten a
response from a customer in over a month and a half!
My process is this: I send out 3-4 email reminders, then if no response, I mail out a card to the address on the order. That normally takes care of the invoice, then I ship it off. Case closed.
(I've gone as far as searched them on FB just in case and notify them that way!) 
If there still is no response.....
My conclusion: If I have not heard from the customer in any way
shape or form, I will send a final card to the same address and ask for payment of the invoice, 
wait 15 days after mailing it (I will determine that the letter or the card will be delivered within 3-4 days, according to the postal service, if still there is no response, I will refund the customer only 1/2 of their entire order and I keep the items and repost them for sale on my blog.
(unless it is laces, die cuts, a handmade item or a customized kit 
order, those are all non-refundable). 
Because of non payment of shipping fees,  I have lost money, time and material due to the
customers neglect to respond. I understand that things happen in life 
but this shop is also part of my life and my income. So, I need to set a policy so we can be clear.
Thank you.

Custom orders: 
I can pr-order almost anything. The products that are mostly available are the newest releases (you can find those at CHA preview videos on YouTube or individual paper company websites). I have had in the past, a person ask me for an item, I ordered them and when I contacted that person, they had already purchased that item elsewhere, I will no longer try to do a custom order for that person. So make sure you keep your emails of what you've asked for to refer back to them. I have had someone else contact me about wanting a kit that was sold out. They asked me if I will have more because they "really wanted one". I started my list of those interested and began to order the items....when I had the kits ready and contacted her, she never answered me back about it....I tried to contact her through YouTube and email, I even looked for her on FB!! and never got a response. I will not ever make a kit unless an invoice has been paid. If you want something ordered, please be serious and don't make me do all the footwork for nothing. I LOVE working for you, but not like this!!!! It's really pretty messed up!! So, if you request a custom order, please be serious about it and expect to pay up front for your items before I order them for you. Thanks! 

 No refunds on:
On my die cuts, laces, my handmade products and customized kits take time and money to cut, measure out, stain and sew and gather, these are all non refundable, no exceptions and all final. Once I get your order, it can take me anywhere from that moment to about 24-32 hrs (depends on volume of orders I receive) to have your laces, handmade products and or die cuts cut and packed. I post pictures and at times detailed close-ups to show you the best detail and can send you additional ones to help you decide, I have no problem doing so. I will email the shipping invoice and it must be paid within 24 hours of receipt so I can ship off your package. For the following info, it only applies to U.S. customers....Unfortunately, I cannot extend the same for International as it would be costly for me to refund without having the item and too costly for me to ship new items out. Also, because tracking does not continue outside of the US, I cannot time when you receive your order. If you are an International customer, please understand that you order at your own risk. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

For US customers only: 
*If you purchase an electric/plug in item, functioning tool (i.e. glue gun, ATG, tiny attacher, heat tool, or the like) and does not work, I must be notified of this via email within 21 days after the date you received it. Shipping takes 2-5 days in the US. We will discuss the issue and try to resolve the problem. If I do not hear from you about a refund or an exchange for the "said defective item" within those 21 days (I'll know by the tracking. It is added to ALL orders), there WILL NOT BE any refunds or exchanges given and you will then need to contact the manufacturer about the issue. If a refund is requested by customer, I must receive the item/s with their accessories (if any) back via USPS with delivery confirmation (paid for by the customer) within 7 days from the date of that final email. When item/s are received by me, I will refund the cost of the item/s and the shipping the customer paid to send that item/s back within 7-10 days. If an exchange is requested by customer, it must be for that same item/s, no store credit will be given. I must receive that item/s via usps first (paid for by customer with delivery confirmation) within 7 days from our final email. Once I receive the item, I will mail another item/s back at my cost also with delivery confirmation and refund the shipping spent by the customer of the shipping back of the item to me within 7-10 days from date of receipt. Refunds will be sent via Paypal to the PP account used in the initial order. 

Policy is subject to change, I will add on as things come up.
 If you have any questions, please let me know, Thanks! Jules:)

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