Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Lace and ribbon bundle sale!

Hello friends! 

I thank you for stopping by! Yes, I'm back for a bit and so long overdue!

I'm finally going to start my de-stashing of products, (while I can) starting with a gallon size bag full of laces and ribbons. They'll come in different sizes from 1 yard to 30 yards of laces and ribbons!

Just $12.00 and that includes shipping!! But, in the US ONLY.... I apologize to all International crafters. 🙏🙇

Please share this post or copy and paste the link of this post in all of your platforms, I really would appreciate it. I'll be eternally grateful 💞

No one bag is the same....there's a bit of every style and size.

* The $12.00 includes shipping. Once I receive payment I will be notified. I will then pack up your order and sent it out the following business day. Thank you so much for your support. Please watch out for a few more de-stash items I will post here and announce it on my FB (links at the top right of this page or on my Youtube channel!!

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As of April 12, 2015, "The Jule Box Shop will be closed until further notice. If you would like to watch my video sharing why, you can watch it below....

Thank you all for your continued support throughout the years and understanding my decision. I hope I can be back soon, better than ever!! I will be posting on my blog "The Jule Box" whenever I can, so please follow me there:)

Have a wonderfully creative day and stay inspired!! xo, Jules